Vinyl Sales Up! But does this help the Underground Labels?

"Vinyl LPs enjoy a decade of consecutive growth, with over 4 million copies purchased in 2017
The vinyl revival continues, with 4.1 million LPs purchased in 2017 – a rise of 26.8 per cent over the 12-month period and up by a notable 1,892 per cent since their low point of just 205,000 copies sold in 2007. Vinyl LP sales are now at their highest level since the start of the Nineties (1991), with close to 40,000 albums released on vinyl in 20177. Almost one in 10 of all physical purchases are now on vinyl format.
Though still relatively small compared to streaming (50.4%) and even CD (30.8%), vinyl increasingly occupies a growing niche that now accounts for 3.0 per cent of the music consumed. The format has become part of an established multi-channel landscape where many consumers of all backgrounds appreciate the utility of streaming services to discover music that is new to them and which cater to their daily listening needs, whilst purchasing recordings by favoured artists on vinyl and CD that they may wish to gift, own and collect. "
Sadly this is mostly Ed Sheeran and Po(o)p Music so not what we are in too and of little benefit to small underground Labels that kept Vinyl alive from 2005 when everyone else walked away. Decimating the industry and leading to skills and machines being made redundant or destroyed, along with capacity.
But Vinyl is still only 3% of all music bought. Underground styles are a rather small bite of the bigger cherry which it itself is only decorating a much bigger cake of bloated Pop nonsense and 25000 new Electronic tracks a week on Beatport, most of which are rather uninteresting and sell nothing (90%)
Supporting our Labels / Artists releases on vinyl directly as Pre Orders makes doing this music more sustainable even if it is relatively speaking a cottage industry of sorts.
Guinness Track being pressed this weekend

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