Overdose On Music

More by accident than design I let loose with TEN different titles covering Techno, Jungle Techno and some UK Bassline Garage classics making the current total projects on the go at once 21. It should be less but two or three have given us some grief over the past months.

Main offenders are:

ADR 22 The Guinness Track had to have the B Side Recut due to MPO damaging metalwork before sending it (late). It finally gets pressed on the 21st April and should be with us by the end of the month.

Another long suffering project is the Force Mass Motion Album. we are promised Test Pressings will be made by the 20th April.

Sadly the B side of Detroit 001 which is Reel By Real did not come up to standard and has to be reprocessed :( I await a definitive answer as to the cause of the nasty scuffing noise in the intro.

Overall though everything is positive as all pre Order projects are being made, already cut / mastered or being cut this week. Test pressings for JDS - Classified, Dave Angel, 20 Hurts Volume 2 are all sounding good and should be pressed within a month of writing.

As ever these records are currently not going to be available anywhere and are being made in limited amounts based on orders.

I have simplified the site too so all pre orders are up in order of newness on the top of the home page and here https://www.mpsvinyl.co.uk/collections/pre-orders-all The main VINYL menu splits the offers down in the the months they were offered.



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