UPDATE Jan 2018

Dear MPS Crew and fellow Vinyl Addicts,

On the 23rd December 26 boxes containing many titles arrived, too late to get a lot of it out for most people waiting on Pre Order vinyl by Xmas or New years Eve. However I have been and remain busy filling orders as well as filling any other titles mixed up with your orders that are in stock and reserved for you.

We are attacking this starting with titles owing the longest and filling orders as fast as possible.

These titles are being or have been shipped:

Unit-E Overdub EP (All shipped)
Hi Ryze - Ride The Rhythm EP
Emotional Dials EP
Tango & Fallout - Violator Vol.1
Blak Beat Niks - A True Poet
Mike Ash -Acid 4 Acid EP
RWDS - Hemispheres Vol.1
Steel Fingers 1 to 4 Represses
Mike Ash - Acid Attack Ep
Force Mass Motion - Lost Cuts Vol.1

When packed and ready to ship out you will get an email to confirm this and they will be sent in next available mail collection. PLEASE NOTE: The Post Service does not return to normal until Wednesday 3rd Jan. 

Early January will see the arrival of Fast Floor "Quest For Intelligence"; Dave Charlesworth "Guinness Track"; Dragonfly "Visions Of Rage" and Ron Wells "Waveforms III". once these all make it out the door I'll have received Dune "Too Much" and the Force Mass Motion Album.

Once those have all been sent out new offers will commence as and when ready to present to you.

Until the next update which I will aim to be more regular through 2018, have gret New years Eve and fantastic 2018.

Robin, MPS Crew


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