Hot Off The Press - Techno Por Favor

Some records are timeless and we never get tire of hearing them

We have two such records coming soon now available to pre order.

Already cut and being processed, they will arrive at about the same time.

First off is Dave Campbell, who has started a new label with love of his life, Marie-Claire, called YOZ MAZ. The label will issue new music, reissues of his Daves most wanted classics and unreleased music from the same era.


To follow the Hi Ryze "Ride The Rhythm EP" the first release is an all out Techno Assault as UBIK.

Recorded & mixed at I.M.W. March 1992. Now remastered at Curve Pusher by Keith Tenniswood.

The B side track order has been swapped for a better reproduction.

To my ears, this could have been written yesterday, it's that fresh...

As if that's not enough...........




Juan Atkins at Metroplex Records has allowed us to press two UBER classic Detroit Techno bombs.

Infinit's "Techno Por Favor" featured on the 1990's album on vinyl and CD Techno 2: The Next Generation

but never got a full release of it's own as was the case for several tracks on the collection.

Network Records, Neil Rushton selected the music for the LP.

It's bugged me since i got it that it was a single disc with four tracks as the music needed a louder cut for club use.

On the flip side is the no less titanic Techno of Reel By Real's "Sundog". Although this track was released a few years ago as part of a collection I felt it deserved a whole side to it's self. The file used to cut from is from that collection.

We can expect these to come in Feb 2018 from Vinyl Presents.

Before that, due to public demand some fresh repressings of four in demand titles will be arriving to satisfy those that missed out. Limited amounts available as not a huge run.

ALL FROM NEW STAMPERS but (original master metalwork) AND FROM VINYL PRESENTS NOT MPOoh!

Temple Of Life

Unit-E - Overdub EP

Hi Ryze (Clear Vinyl) - Ride The Rhythm EP

Black Beat Niks (CHR 130) A True Poet

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