Hot Off The Press - Dragonfly, Fast Floor and more

Hot Off The Press

Dragonfly "Visions Of Rage" was made today and will be with us by the 19th Jan, approx.(see the teaser pics from Phil East at Vinyl Presents)

Also being delivered around the same time is Fast Floor's long awaited Album. 468 copies were made in this gatefold with bonus disc 5 vinyl set. Individually numbered and shrink wrapped for freshness :) I am not looking forward to trying to find number one and working through them but it is worth it.

The two slowest releases (MPOoh's fault) to make it out, Waveforms III and Dave Charlesworth "Guinness Track" won't be far behind and should be with us by the end of Jan. Finally bringing us more or less up to date on all jobs that went through MPO initially :) feels good to be free of that hassle.

To keep the vibe going for 2018, test pressings for Dune "Too Much" / "Too Much (Ray Keith Remix)" 12" has been approved. It's just a matter of weeks away. Sounds bigger, clearer and just better than you've ever heard these classic mixes before and the added bonus of the Ray Keith Remix on the flip side. Possible for the future will be News At Ten and maybe a cheeky white label of old restored remixes???

Force Mass Motions LP is at galvanic stage after being cut by Shane The Cutter (Finyl Tweek) before the new year was in. Expect that in Feb 2018. Strictly 250 in this full sleeve (8mm spine) four disc shrink wrapped set (inc Bonus White Label). No represses on this, miss it and weep.

Ubik - 109° EP was cut on the 12th and will be available to pre order once we clear the backlog of Fast Floor, Dragonfly and Guinness track back orders and have the clips and full art ready. This was cut by Keith Tenniswood at Curvepusher. A fantastic result was achieved with an order change on flip side. The release will be the first to be under Dave Campbells new YozMaz label.

Another tasty treat cut on the 12th wasa 12" with just two great tracks

Infiniti "Techno Por Favor" (taken from this album)  and on teh flip side, Reel By Real "Sundog" on our new Preservation Sound label. Cat Number DETROIT 001.

Not enough for you? At the mastering house with Bob Macc (Subvert Central mastering) are a host of Jungle and Hardcore restorations from Classified (Vinyl restored as masters lost), Tic Tac Toe (taken from original reel to reel tape), 3rd Party / Kemet's Borderline EP (two Digital Masters, two vinyl restorations).

Holding the banner for 100% original sample free Jungle and Techno, Ron Wells Sound Entity Records will be bringing forward two new ones once Fast Floor ishere. Clips can be found in the Private plates facebook group.

20 Hurts Volume 2 and Smooth But Hazzardous "We Are Creators". The original masters were lost but a remake was done recently and the original mix restored from vinyl.

Rising High will return in 2018 with Total Confusion Remixes (we hope) but not until we have also offered up ADSR by Todd Nicholas (RSN 3020). Lost tapes we rescued from the archive in a four tracker of pure 90's Techno.

Finally, you missed that vital release you were after, fear not. As MPO messed up one third of the Temple Of Life 12" (98) we got new stampers made at NiPro (USA) and Phil East (VinylPresents) will be pressing up a short run for us.

Also making another run is Hi Ryze "Ride The Rhythm EP" but on CLEAR vinyl this time (300 only).

Blak Beat Niks "A True Poet" gets another short run, this time with the typo in the label corrected, ten out of ten for observation if you noticed that. At least we will know which was original 300 and what is a repress run :)

Last thought, I am also almost there restoring Scruffneck EP and Marvin Beavers Meanace Makes 3 releases, namely the most wanted "Can I Share My House With You"

More music is also afoot from Mike Ash on his no Survivors label. if you missed the last one, check it out

 Dragonfly Visions Of Rage coming off the presses at Vinyl Presents

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