Hot Off The Press

After the headache of MPO delaying all orders and the chaos it cuased for a moment. We moved all manufacturing to Vinyl Presents in Portsmouth, I started this blog is to chart the progress of our Pre order Vinyl, what we have planned and when it should be with us.

Pressed this weekend at Vinyl Presents were:

ADR 001 The Sorcerer "The Elevator / Odyssey"

adr 001 The Elevator / Odyssey cooling on the racks

WYHS 33 Bay B Kane "Let Me Go / Unfolding Perspective"

Bay B Kane's Let me Go coming off the press

These will reach us mid week along with test pressings for:

Ron Wells and Daniel Silk "Hemisphere's Vol.1" (SENT 1212 ) SOUND ENTITY RECS

Ron Wells "Emotional Dials EP" (SENT 1213) SOUND ENTITY RECS


Bolt On Beats "Driving me Nuts" (GRIMEY CITY)

Lost Cuts Volume 1 (FORCE MASS MOTION)

Mike Ash "Acid Attack EP" (RSN 3019) Rising High Records


ALL the MPO metalwork (masters) have been sent to NiPro (USA) for processing and stampers should reach the factory by Friday 24th November.

The first job being the Fast Floor bonus disc in BLUE followed by UNIT-E, Hi Ryze and Waveforms III

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