Welcome to MPS Vinyl Classics,

The Music Preservation Society is moving to Bandcamp https://musicpreservationsociety.bandcamp.com/music

Dear MPS Crew,

Firstly. Thank you for all your support to date. We are writing to you to update you on planned changes to the MPS Web Shop.

As part of our commitment to providing you an even higher standard of service in 2020. The Week Commencing October 14th 2019, MPS Vinyl will be handing over of all remaining stock to Above Board Distribution for future sale on our new Bandcamp Page which is intended to replace the current Shopify Store

This will cause a short gap in service as stock is physically moved to a new location and quantities checked then logged into Bandcamp. 

Above Board will be processing payments, dealing with Customer Service relating to all Shipping, any postal damages and generally handling that side of things for us once moved over.

Over the next ten days, we will be uploading the remaining audio clips, art and full tracks for the Vinyl releases to date. The odd title may not appear on due to lack of permissions. Equally, many titles Digital content will be marked at the silly price of £1000 while we secure permissions to sell them and put systems in place to account for it all.

Around the 28th of October we should have some Test Pressings of some exclusive Vinyl (not for shops) with Music to be revealed in due course. (Tease). Some of these are going to be for the Subscriber Only Offer we are developing.

With so much admin to do around the whole move on top of planning future releases, we are not rushing, just aiming for a the end of October to get everything in place. If you are still reading this rather long email, Thank You, see you on the other side..

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